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The cyber-attacks cause huge data loss and then have to bear great expenses to recover it aftermath and these cyber-attacks are persistent. EC council, a leading IT organization in cyber security certification programs, for the very first time brought the concept of ETHICAL HACKING in the wake of terrorist’s attacks of 11 September. With mixed responses by now though ethical hacking has been accepted in the IT world for its greater utility in securing systems and networks. Ethical hackers stop unlawful activities by identifying threats and vulnerabilities by working to strengthen the system and they make it possible by thinking in the way malicious hacker does.

Need for a certified ethical hacker or a security professional is felt than ever before. Cyber threats keep on increasing that keep ethical hackers on toes to protect the system and network effectively.

No organization can afford confidential data loss. Security concerns were already in place though the concept of ethical hacking has come recently on the horizons. Now however it has created urgency to control the breaches owing to the ever increasing business of the organizations.

Ethical hackers help organization in a lot of ways and can be a savior for the business.

• Ethical hackers manage preventive measures to avoid data theft
• Ethical hackers create awareness for security measures.
• They protect information from attacks by building a foolproof computer system which prevents illegal access
• For efficient defense ,regular network testing is done

Ethical hacking services are now rapidly gaining attention as an essential security practice that should be performed on a regular basis.

As more companies are being added every day in the e commerce ecosystem with advancement of technology like cloud computing etc. , threat from security breaches is on a high which demands for efficient security systems.

The rising threats from cyber-attacks has served a shortage of talent in this field.

Every company or organization is very much aware of the importance of securing their data and crucial information. A lot of challenges have to be faced while running a business online these days, people have started entering various sites and accounts in order to tamper with the essential information and also data theft is prevalent. This form of sneaking into others computer software or hardware system is called hacking and this needs to be stopped .in order to prevent it from the breaches and protect it from malicious hackers ,it needs to be checked regularly and this is the work of an ethical hacker . This is why there is an increase in the need for ethical hackers today globally.

The ignorance by companies about the need for checking into the systems with the help of ethical hackers could cost companies millions of dollars. Hence more and more companies are now being aware of the need for ethical hacking. However if a system is not being checked by an expert regularly then lots of vital and crucial information can leak out into the hands of black hat hackers or illegal hackers who can use that information to tamper the company’s image. Therefore it is very important to employ an individual who has completed certified ethical hacking training and hence the need for ethical hacking course. These people help to find the problems and weaknesses within the system and protect data from fraudulent use or data theft.

With an increase in the use of computers and rise in technology, there are more and more implications arising, hence ethical hacking training is a prerequisite to protect the business from fraudulent attempts to tamper the company’s vital data.

This article is contributed by Mr. Ankit Yadav manager of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi.

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