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Why Blog Is Better Than Traditional Site

Blogs have so many advantages if you evaluate it to traditional, static sites. Static sites do not work well for the cause that it doesn’t help in Search Engine Optimization. When you need to enhance traffic to your website, you can do so by beginning a blog.

Below, are the best causes that blog is better than a traditional site:

Pinging and RSS

Blogs ping websites when each and every time you submit a post and each up-date also includes to your RSS feed. This also creates your posts indexed nearly automatically after publishing. A big advantage when it comes to Search Engine Optimization because your current content can be discover almost immediately.

Simple To Make Unique Content

Search engines like blogs simply because blogs up-date unique content in which audience like to visit often. You can maintain your blog up-to-date daily if you’ve the time, or in particular periods when you’re busy. It does not matter provided you post content in a regular basis. Another benefit in making blog posts is that you’re able to compose as lots of post as you can, and then schedule it to be published in a particular date in the future. Websites that get up-to-date commonly will often be crawled by search engine bots often.

Automated Search Engine Optimization

With traditional sites, you require to play Search Engine Optimization strategies manually. When you’ve a blogging platform like WordPress, you can install plugins that will speed up and manage most Search Engine Optimization strategies like examining for duplicate content, site maps or URL optimization.

Users Can Post Comments

Comments can offer your website with totally free content and can be keyword rich. It lets the visitors enlarge you websites rank by using your content, and it provides a chance for Google to crawl to your website as it is regularly up-to-date. Quality is an effective factor in Search Engine Optimization and if people comments in your blog often, expect to get a awesome enhance in search engine ranks.

Linking Chances

Blogs have many linking techniques in which traditional sites do not have. Which means that if you frequently up-date your content your content to be connected organically. Organic or natural links are very crucial to get your website to enhance higher in rank due to the fact search engines see that when you’ve a lot of organic links, your blog is considered as a good quality blog. Blogs also create communities which will then permit you get a blog community connected to your niche; therefore growing your alter in being found quicker compared to static sites.

It’s hard to enhance focused traffic to your static website simply because Search Engine Optimization in static pages are manual, repetitive and very time-devoting as opposed to growing focused traffic in blogs. When you’ve a traditional site that requires to get ranked higher, all you’ve to do is to set up a blogging platform like WordPress and add it to your traditional site. Blogs are also a fast way to get you began on the web so, if you don’t have a site yet and is reasoning of generating one, you can do it quicker and a lot inexpensive if you begin a blog.

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