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What Is Website Stagnation And How It Affects Your Business

What is Website Stagnation?

There could be times when your website has reached a great potential with all the unique content and everything done properly. You are being profited worth every penny spent and hard work put in in developing the website. But slowly you notice that you are not staying at the position you are. Your returning visitors are declining and the revenue as well as ranking slowly falling apart. This is known as Website stagnation and has the potential to cause some serious damage to your Business as well as website if left unnoticed.
This is the time that you consider revaluating your marketing strategies, website design and various other factors that could lead to declining Business. Here are some key points that can help you determine your weakness and revamp your website to take it to the position that it deserves.

Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Search engine algorithms keeps on updating on the regular basis and therefore it is important for the webmaster or the website owner to be up-to-date with these changes. These changes are not updated anywhere and therefore you have to keep a close eye on the performance of your website algorithms. Any algorithm update might demand some serious changes to be made on the website design or the SEO techniques that you are following. Neglecting these updates might leave you vulnerable to the Google penalties as well.

Mobile Friendly Website

More and more people have started utilising mobile for their daily searches. It is the duty of the website owner or the webmaster to keep a close eye on the changing search trends and SEO happenings in order to keep up with it. Having a mobile friendly version of your website is very important as Google also prefers mobile websites first while indexing and more over you might be receiving most of your traffic from the mobile phones and similar devices only.


Security is also a major for long sustaining and better performing websites. Without regular security updates and maintenance, your website could be easily vulnerable at the hands of a number of hackers out there. These hackers can easily find loopholes and capture the customer’s data and make some changes with your website that might be hampering its performance and SEO.

Negative promotion and SEO from the competitors can also be a great reason for your website not performing well and thus you need to keep an eye on it as well. These are a few reasons that could be possible for your website stagnation. Regular upkeep and updates on the website can help you a lot to avoid Website stagnation.

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