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Sales Funnel: A Key To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Most of the newbies in the industry are used to running affiliate ads in Blogs, or advertisement etc. They might get some good conversions or not but eventually they will get tired and would look on to other prospects of enticing their customers and increasing the affiliate revenue. This is where the sales funnel comes into the picture.

What is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is considered as a strategic marketing plan consisting of various steps in order to drive the customers towards making a purchase. Sales funnel might seem easy but it is one of the most typical marketing strategies and requires a lot research and trial and testing. It might be quite hard for a newbie to create their own sales funnel but they can use someone else’s in order to try it out. Sales funnel; has the capacity to increase your conversions and profit many folds and therefore it is very important for an affiliate marketer to understand the working of the sales funnel.

Sales funnel consist of various components such as:

1. Opt in page
2. Sales page
3. Order page
4. Upsell page
5. Email follow up

Opt in page

The main objective of an opt in page is to introduce the product and provide an opt in form where a customer can provide their emails. Try to keeping as short as you can as adding several fields might reduce the number of responses.

Sales page

Sales page is targeted at enticing the customers and providing them with the insights about the products or services that you offer and therefore is quite important to be optimized properly

Order page

A good order page is intended to restate the key features of the sales and also to remind the limited time offer. Using images and videos it aims at making customers to complete their purchase and reduce customer remorse incidents.

Upsell page

After creating a successful sale, the customer is taken to another page that provides them with the more offers. Although the customer is likely to buy the product less expensive than the first one but many top tier marketers try to make an upsell on phone which worth more than the first purchase.

Emails follow up

Email follow up is a great way to increase your followers and sales just by keeping up a good relationship with your customers and securing long term and returning customers.
This is how sales funnel works and helps you to increase your affiliate revenue multiple times.

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