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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the advertisement strategy of Google Adwords which makes the company liable to pay when user clicks on the ads. The number of clicks the company receives is bound to pay to the Google. It is used by company in spreading the ad to the targeted customers and generating the traffic on the website. It is the medium of advertisement in the digitalized world.

The result of the Google adwords and social media network is much faster than organic result. If the PPC involves the cost then it will pay back to the company by increasing the customer base by targeting the right customers. It helps in improving the ROI by maximizing the profit and lowering the cost involved in the ad campaigns.

Types of PPC channels

Search Engine

When someone searches the query then it will display the best suitable web pages which can solve them. In the search engine ad, you will see the first four websites prevailing is the paid result. This is the search engine campaign. Company pays to the Google to show their web page on the top four results so that the maximum clicks they get and influence the customers.

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Social Media Network

Social media network is used not only for the purpose of socialize with outer media but it is the big hub of advertising the products or services by posting the article or sharing the website post or attractive video on the social media network. There are various networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Other Websites

It is the display campaign in which your ad is visible on the others else website which is already being popular among the users. So, that your company will also get advantage by seeing the ad while reading the others post. It is also the big medium of increasing the advertising the product.

Pillars On Which PPC Works

Above mentioned are the ways of promoting the goods or services through PPC. Here, you will get to h=know the terms which are important to optimize the PPC which are the following-


In the campaign, you have to specify the right customers who have the greater chances of converting into actual customers.

Account Structure

It is structuring the specific campaign by filling the required information before doing the in-depth analysis of the website. It helps in running the ad according to yours terms and condition.

Bid Strategy

The campaigns run on the basis of bid proposed by you. There are different types of bids option in Adwords which are enhanced cost per click, automatics bid, manual bids and lot more.

Services Provided by PPC agency

There are various ppc agency set up which takes the project from various clients and provide their expertise services. They are responsible for following work-

Managing the Campaign

They are responsible for managing the client’s campaign by optimizing the landing page and add the keywords. They have to analyze the clients demand and fulfill it by optimizing the ads. They are responsible for doing the analysis of the websites so that the outcome arises from the analysis can be put in the campaign to make it successful. They have to decide the bid strategy and keep tacking on the ad position and cost involved.

Auditing the Campaigns

Mere running the campaigns is not sufficient. Timely audit is necessary to keep check on the working of the campaigns. They are responsible for analyzing the competitor’s campaigns so that what tricks they are using. Full keyword analysis is necessary and determines which keyword will be efficient in generating the traffic and optimizing the campaign. They are responsible for conducting A/B testing to determine the best ad and able to increase the ROI of the organization.


This is all we can discuss today. You can keep learning by reading upcoming articles on our website. We’re recieving many questions regarding learning Google Adwords, Paid Ads & sometimes the Complete Digital Marketing. We would like to tell you that we have lot of options available online like free guides & YouTube video tutorials about Digital Marketing, there you can learn everything about Digital Marketing. And if you want the personal attention you can go for a Digital Marketing Course instead.

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