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Do Follow Link Vs. No Follow Link

If you are in Digital Marketing Field then you definitely aware of backlinks. But, if you didn’t hear about Backlinks then you do not need to take concern about that today I am explaining about no follow and do follow backlinks and I will describe what is link first then I step towards the types of backlinks and finally about the benefits of those.

Backlinks are the hyperlink that comes from another website to your own website, when a link is brining to your website then it means that is backlink. If your website does not have backlink then it cannot be get rank on first page of Google with your targeted keywords. Backlinks are one of the leading factors that you have to follow to get rank on first page of Google with your targeted keywords.

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks, first one is IBL (Inbound Back Links) and another one is OBL (Outbound Back Links), if a website is giving you a backlink then it is known as inbound backlink for your website, if you are giving a backlink to another website then it known as outbound backlink for your website.

We are further categories backlinks in two more types that is Do Follow Backlink and No Follow Backlink.

If you want to know what is the difference between Do Follow and No Follow Backlink then you need to understand both type of backlink first, then you will able to know the difference.


Do Follow Backlink:


Do Follow backlink are that type of backlink that pass the link, if a backlink has do follow tag then it means it will pass the strength of that to another. If you want to increase your website page rank then you have to increase do follow backlink of your website if your website has lots of do follow backlink then your website page rank will be boost rapidly.


No Follow Backlinks:


No follow backlinks refers to that backlink that is not be able to crawl by Google Crawler and any other search engines, this tag is use in case you do not want to pass authority of your website to another, but this type of backlink will not help to achieve good page rank and ranking as well that’s why it is not useful to build No Follow Backlink.

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