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Big Enterprises Success With Business Analytics

Business analytics has the ability to make entrepreneur, marketing strategist, analyse and understand the business opportunities. Data analysis is also used for the product to positioned and market it. Data analytics not a business tools. Data analysis helps to convert raw data into statistics so that they can make business decision. Surveys says that company who analyse their data on time surpass the difficult situation. Data analyse become success to almost all the top companies.

Over time companies shifted to various, analyse like memory analytics, data analysis, streaming analysis, most recently it is all the business analysis.

 Here the examples of the two big multibillion companies:


Did you know Facebook take your all-personal data whether you allow or not. To make your Facebook experience better. It collect you information and analyse and then show you things, you may think when search something on to buy something then that product also shown on the Facebook because of the data they take and then analyse. It looks like Facebook know you better then you best friends, family, I am afraid it does. We happily offer all the information to Facebook.  Facebook is always want to serve you with relevant content for that they depend on analyse of the data they acquire from you. Facebook whole business is depends on user’s data so that they can connect with the virtual world. Analytics is the secret of Facebook success.

Westpac Banking Corporation

Australian bank and financial services provider Westpac Banking Corporation, headquarter in Westpac, Sydney. It one of the “big four” banks in Australia. They use a data analytics called “know me”. Bank use analytical tool that gives them a 360-degree view of their customer. The does another work as if they capture the ATM detail to their customer better. They analyse the banks call centres interaction over 12 million customer. They analyse the behaviour and grow their business from 1% to 25% in just nine month.

Above two cases, Westpac bank and Facebook achieve their success by just focusing on their data they are receiving and analysing them and take action. It makes them one of the biggest multibillion companies in the world. Now its clear data analysis is game changer to the mark Zuckerberg and Westpac bank.

Data analytics helped Jeff Bezos make over 300 dollar billion company. and help Facebook to create over 2 billion dollar  website.

This article is written by Deepak Jangra faculty of  Future Wings Media that provides Business Analytics Course In Delhi.

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