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8 Tools in Online Reputation Management (ORM)

There must be significant importance to manage the type of content exposed to your existing clients. You can manage the content by viewing social media, blogs, website, video, chat rooms and other. The ignorance of negative content can hamper the visibility of your brand in SERP. Internet is too wide and large to track the possible conversations about your brand. I have discussed briefly the tools to manage the reputation of your business website online-

  1. Google alerts– It enables you to track blogs, videos, news and groups related to your brand. It is a free tool of google and you can subscribe to this tool through email. Google launched this app in 2003 which was the efforts of naga kataru and his name is on three patents for google alert.


  1. Yahoo alert– The app helps you to track information about your brand by a particular keyword, feeds, stocks. You can subscribe to get notification through yahoo messenger, email or mobile.


  1. Twittersearch– This tool is able to search twitter with the help of specific keyword. Twittersearch was previously known as Summize. It consists of advanced option through which you can search by dates, location, and links of a specific person.


  1. Boardreader– The tool able to search via images, videos, forums for everything that has been written about your brand or a specific keyword. It is cheap and easy to manipulate and is most helpful for beginners.


  1. Q&A Tracking– This tool is able to track quizzes such as yahoo answers. You will able to advance search for any specific keywords and you can subscribe to its RSS feed to keep track on the information. It created difficulty to track the questions about your brand or particular keyword.


  1. Visible– This tool is helpful for advertisers, organization, research groups which are learning to manage their online reputation with broad range group on the web. ORM tools give you an opportunity to take a stand in the market. It consists of some features like listening, tracking brand and analyzing user’s sentiments which gives an overall integrated features and interface.


  1. Google’s Me– Google launches ‘Me on the web’ on the web to enable the marketers to view the identity of their web. It helps marketers to set up custom google alerts for remark of your name, email content in online content. The utilization of this tool can also be done when your own information for instance your telephone number or address is publicized on web.


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